It’s Fruitcraft app’s character design time

ارسال شده توسط | سفر, طرح | 2 نظر

Great news! We have an amazing artist designing Fruitcraft app’s characters. Ramin joins Fruitcraft’s team from next week.

We’ve sent him a pile of random character designs that might be a good starting point. Having spent a good few hours talking to him, we really think he gets the brief and will be able to come up with some fun, playful and totally brutal Fruit Warrior trading cards!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing plenty of character designs with you right here on the blog, so don’t go away!

Fruitcraft app beta results are in!

ارسال شده توسط | سفر, فروت‌کرفت | نظری ارسال نشده است

Hello everyone!

Fruitcraft app’s beta is over. Thanks a million for fruitcrafting with us.  It’s been really inspiring crunching all the data and getting a better understanding of how you like to play the game, so we can tighten up design and game mechanics.

But this is where the work really starts. With your feedback we’re pretty much ready to start developing the full game. Fingers crossed we’ll have it out for end of summer.

Stay tuned!

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