Fruitcraft app beta results are in!

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Hello everyone!

Fruitcraft app’s beta is over. Thanks a million for fruitcrafting with us.  It’s been really inspiring crunching all the data and getting a better understanding of how you like to play the game, so we can tighten up design and game mechanics.

But this is where the work really starts. With your feedback we’re pretty much ready to start developing the full game. Fingers crossed we’ll have it out for end of summer.

Stay tuned!

Fruitcraft trading card game is live! Well we rolled out the beta, which is not actually an app but a web game. We decided that an app beta is very limiting and we wanted to make sure as many people as possible get to play the game. So here is a simple web version of the fruitcraft app as a web game. The site is up and it's looking good. Please come give the game a try, We'll definitely call out the top Fruitcrafters on the blog in upcoming posts. I'm placing lots of calls with designers and artists at the moment as we want to crank the visuals up to 11 to match the game play. Enjoy guys! Mi

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